filing for bankruptcy in Stevens Point  WI

The Bankruptcy Process

Once you make a decision that bankruptcy is appropriate for you, it goes something like this...

You give me all your bills, along with other information, and I prepare all the documents necessary to file. Once I have all the information necessary, I'll have your documents ready for your signature in just a couple of days. Bankruptcy belongs in the federal courts, not state or local courts, so the case is filed in either the bankruptcy court for the western or eastern district of Wisconsin, depending on your residence. About ten days after filing we'll both receive a notice from the bankruptcy court telling us when your hearing will be held, and when we must attend. I attend that hearing with you. The hearing is held before a trustee appointed by the bankruptcy court to oversee the administration of your case. This hearing is in almost all cases a very short affair. About sixty days after that hearing, you'll receive a discharge document from the bankruptcy court. At that point, the bankruptcy process is finished, and you'll have your fresh start.

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